Luckyweizen- Hefeweizen

A light and refreshing take on the German Hefeweizen style, this beer is brewed with an authentic german yeast that gives much of the character and flavor. Some notes of banana and phenols (clove) with a dry, light wheat base, finishes with just a splash of citrus on the palette from a light dose of sweet orange peel.

Mango Zest Gose- Sour

A very flavorful sour beer with mango, lemongrass, & ginger. This will make your taste buds dance with fruitiness and tartness.

Scales ST. - Oatmeal Stout

Another dark, chocolaty, roasty stout. This one drinks smoothly with a nice, lightly sweet flavor.

Lucky City Light Lager- American Light Lager

Our take on the most popular beer style in America, the American Light Lager. A very light and delicate beer. This beer should be familiar to any American beer drinker.

Wolf Island - American IPA

A moderately hoppy ale with grassy and citrusy aromas and a nice malty backbone; a staple of all modern craft breweries.
In line with our IPA theme, this beer gets its namesake from another water source in town, the boldly-named Wolf Island

Hello Darkness-Imperial Stout

A dark and daring stout with an elevated gravity, chocolatey flavors and a bold finish.

Kveik Amber- Amber Ale

An American Amber Ale with a twist. Thanks to the special yeast variety Kveik, this beer should taste just like a biscuit/bready american amber with just a bit more interest to it.

Non-alcoholic Beverages



Diet Coke


Dr pepper


Diet Sundrop

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